Living in Stafford

Stafford County has a great mix of civilized refinement and natural beauty
Arts and Culture
  • Locally, a wealth of fine arts and performing arts resources
  • Close proximity to rich arts and culture offerings in Washington DC and Richmond
  • Stafford County Public Schools serves nearly 28,000 students in 31 schools in a county covering 280 square miles.
  • Stafford County Public Schools (K-12) equaled or exceeded the state on all Virginia Standards of Learning tests, achieving higher scores on 28 or the 29 assessments; SCPS’ average SAT score is 1533 (higher than Virginia’s 1490).
  • Largest school division in Virginia with all of its schools fully accredited.
  • Higher Education offered at University of Mary Washington and Germanna Community. (Link this to the Workforce and Community Education section under Workforce Training)
  • The Marine Corps University located on Quantico Base, partially located in Stafford.
  • Virginia is home to some of the nation’s top research and academic institutions, including: University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, George Mason, VCU and more.
  • Several private K-12, undergraduate and specialized training institutions serve Stafford.
  • Stafford is ranked one of Virginia’s healthiest counties.
  • Stafford Hospital, part of Mary Washington Healthcare, offers modern facilities and an array of routine and specialty services.
  • Numerous healthcare clinics and urgent care facilities are located throughout county.
Neighborhoods and Housing
  • Land and housing costs are significantly lower than in other communities in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC region.
  • Property taxes are lower than in Northern Virginia/Washington DC, yet the county amenities like parks, recreational facilities, open space and public libraries are widely available.
  • A wide variety of housing options are available, from gated communities to starter homes, townhouses, cluster homes and apartments.
  • Golf and waterfront communities.
  • Home ownership 79.5%.
  • Average household size 3.0, compared to US average 2.6.
Public Safety

Sheriff’s Office

  • Law enforcement, fire and emergency services funded and provided through Stafford County property taxes.
  • Stafford County Sheriff’s Office offers crime prevention programs, community policing and criminal investigations. Also coordinates local Homeland Security.

Fire & Rescue

  • All-hazards response agency.
  • Combination career-volunteer department provides emergency response and mitigation to all fire, rescue, emergency medical and environmental hazard (Haz-Mat) incidents.
  • Lead agency for emergency management.
  • Oversees Explosive Ordinance Disposal, building plan review and fire code enforcement, fire and environmental crime investigation, and public fire and life safety education and preparedness.
  • 15 fire and rescue stations in partnership with 14 volunteer rescue or fire/rescue companies.
  • George Washington’s Boyhood Home located in Stafford, source of the “Cherry Tree Legend.”
  • Past dates back to largest of the dinosaurs, various Native American tribes, 17th Century settlers.
  • Played critical role in “Trail to Freedom” for slaves during Civil War.
  • Numerous Revolutionary and Civil War sites.
  • County’s rich history researched by Stafford Historical Society and the Central Rappahannock Heritage Center.

County’s historic assets provide foundation for thriving tourism industry.

Sports and Recreation

Recreational opportunities abound throughout Stafford.

  • Bordered to the east by the Potomac River and to the south by the Rappahannock River, county offers 51 miles of shoreline.
  • Waterways and numerous lakes provide fishing, water sports and water access to the Chesapeake Bay.
  • Government Island, natural park and archaeological site, includes trail system and interpretive signs.

Stafford County Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities

  • 11 public parks and trail facilities.
  • Sports and athletics programs and leagues for adults and children.
  • Outdoor recreation activities, events and services.
  • Music, dance and cultural arts activities.
  • Arts and crafts.
  • Instructional classes and workshops.
  • Hobbies and special interest activities.
  • Special events.
  • Self-Improvement opportunities.
  • Indoor recreation programs.
  • 2 public pools including one indoor pool.

Jeff Rouse Swim and Sport Center

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